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If you wish to purchase please contact us by phone or email

Sales company
Responsible person
Taisuke Ishino, President
Contact location
Chofu Office, 6-11-25, Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, 181-0015, Japan
Contact information
TEL +81-422-30-8321 FAX +81-422-30-7017
Sales volume
We accept from 1 can
Application is concluded
When we gave you an order confirmation email
payment method
We will send it by cash on delivery courier, the total payment will be “total product price + shipping fee” + “consumption tax”
Delivery time of goods
Within 1 week from confirming your order
Return deadline
8 days after goods arrival before opening the goods
Return shipping fee
Return of defective products will be borne by our customers Customer returns and return shipped by customers for more than 8 days after arrival will be borne by the customer