01|Sales of Aviation Products

  • Lubricants, hydraulic oils, and greases are used by domestic and overseas airlines, government agencies, and private-sector aircraft.
    It is used in aircraft gas turbine engines such as turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, and turboshafts (helicopters),as well as in industrial and marine aircraft gas turbine engines.
    We deliver from the smallest package to all over Japan.

02|Sales of Aviation Fuel

  • Packing form 200 L drum can

    We deliver aviation fuel
    (JET A-1、AVGAS100LL)
    from one drum to the rest of the world.

  • Packing Bulk, Tank Lorry

    We deliver it to heliports and airfields around the country.

Products to
be handled

  • 1. AVGAS100LL(Gasoline for aircraft piston engines)
  • 2. JETA-1(Aero turbine fuel)

For aircraft fuel it is possible to deliver from 200L drum to 16KL Raleigh 22KL (ISO container)

03|Fuel Refueling to Aircraft

  • Refueling to aircraft
    By refueling facilities.

    It has a fixed type lubrication facility, and it is possible to lubricate three at the same time.
    Although the amount of lubrication per lump is not so large, it is suitable for airports with a large number of refuelings.
    It is said to be a fixed stand type.
    2009.12 We build new 50KL tank.Shorten fuel transfer time by enriching piping facilities

  • Refueling to aircraft
    By refueling truck

    From the aircraft side, pull out the hose from the refueling car and refuel.
    It is a refueling system.
    2014.3 We introduce new refueling vehicle(8KL)

  • Refueling to aircraft
    By ISO tank

    I realized long distance transport which was difficult until now.
    Through the shipping company, we will supply aviation gasoline to Hokkaido by ISO tank using sea route and land way.

04|Maintenance of Aviation Fuel and Facilities

  • Quality control of aviation fuel

    From acceptance of products to delivery, we maintain quality with consistent management.

  • Maintenance Management of Aviation Fuel Facilities

    In addition to our own facilities, we are maintaining and inspecting fuel management facilities in heliports and airports in various places.

05|Other Services

  • Sales and Management
    of Industrial lubricants

    We select and offer products that are appropriate for the work content, budget, and environment.
    Supply management, ordering work support, periodic analysis, lubrication record etc.
    Lubricating oil total including reduction of management cost, maintenance cost, purchase cost etc from downsizing, saving outsourcing support which will save labor in the maintenance department at the factory We are doing support.

  • Next Generation Lubricant
    Use Analysis Program 
    Mobil Serv

    It is possible to grasp the state of oil by analyzing the oil used.
    The main analysis items are viscosity, moisture, impurities, pollution degree, metal analysis.
    Items are also available for grasping details by means of such infrared emission analysis.
    It simplifies registration operation on the Web and browsing of analysis results.
    Improved program makes it easier to register information by utilizing the QR code attached to the sample bottle in the future.