The main ingredient of kerosene used for JET A – 1 and for heating is the same kerosene fraction. Depending on the purpose of use, there are differences, it is the presence or absence of additives and the cost by the storage management method. Kerosene burned at low temperature and often used indoors has no additives such as smoke, but because of its high consumption, JET fuel with a high flow rate of the fuel itself has safety concerns such as antistatic agent Additives are contained. However, these additives are impurities only for fuels and may remain as soot if burned at low temperature, so it is not a good thing for the engine. Also, in the case of an airplane, even a slight breakdown of the airplane will cause a lot of damage, so we keep strict regulations regarding fuel storage and management, which is also a cause of high cost. I can not recommend it because of the reasons mentioned above. By the way, JET engine for ground test is often tested with kerosene.